Why iPhone’s are the King of Mobile Casino Gaming

Why iPhone’s are the King of Mobile Casino Gaming

The iPhone came along and changed everything. Who doesn’t remember that summer in 2007 when the iPhone first hit the market? It was a sensation for sure. Since then, the smartphone has become the device that is shaping the future of online casino gaming.

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So, just what makes the iPhone so appealing to mobile gamblers? To be honest, a lot of it has to do with the popularity of the device itself. Depending on the source you use, iPhone’s account for 55.9% of smartphone sales. That means that more than half of the people who have smartphones have iPhones. That’s a huge driver for iPhone as the king of mobile period, nevermind mobile casino gaming.

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Another big part of the iPhone’s incredible popularity among mobile gamblers is that it has the largest selection of casinos, casino games, and casino apps. Developers immediately began making games and apps for iPhones, which have the deepest collection of casino related products.

User interface is also important, at which Apple excels. Clunky and clumsy interfaces chase away players like nothing else. They’ve become used to smooth and sleek interfaces. Newer devices are catching up to the iPhone’s responsive interface, but they’ve got a long way to go if they want to dethrone the king.

Don’t forget about the App Store, which has just about any casino and casino game you could ever hope to find. With immense popularity comes a lot of followers, and not just users. Almost every major online casino has made a mobile or app version of their online casino. This means you can play the same games on the same login on desktop and mobile. Play when and where you want!

Finally, mobile financial transactions are becoming more trusted, and it’s all thanks to the iPhone. As a society, we’ve begun to fully embrace mobile commerce. This has been a major boon to mobile casinos, and Apple led the way.

As you can see, there’s many good reasons why the iPhone is the most popular smartphone among mobile gamblers.

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