What Games Can I Play at An Online Casino?

What Games Can I Play at An Online Casino?

Online casinos have been around since 1994 when Microgaming released its first real money gaming platform. Back then the games were fairly basic, but at the time this was the virtual world of gaming’s peak – the modern marvel of being able to play online was at the time the most sophisticated technology of its kind. Being able to play Roulette, slots, and Blackjack online was something most people had never dreamed of. Now you can play online casino games almost anywhere.

Play in Any Country in the World

As the internet stretches its reach across the globe, you can only imagine that the limitless scope of geographical locations you can connect to real money online casino games. Even in countries where gambling is not strictly legal, people can use an agent to get online and play casino games. For example, if you check out คาสิโนออนไลน์, which is a Thai online casino website, you will see that even in Thailand online gambling is possible.

In Malaysia, where online gaming for real money bets is not clear cut when it comes to a legal perspective, there are online casinos on offer. Visit C9BETS, and here your will see another casino agent.

Probably one of the most difficult places to play casino games on the internet is the USA. Since the Black Friday crackdown on online casinos and poker rooms years ago, online gaming has been a touchy subject in the country. At the moment, Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey are allowed to operate online casinos. However, each state has its own licencing laws.

Those licencing laws include financial restrictions on the casinos – this is just so they cannot count player account money as their own. Therefore, a separate account that holds the grand total of all player balances must always be kept in a holding account. Furthermore, the servers that operate online casinos can only operate if they are on a premises that has a permit to offer wagers. That means many of the servers have to be held in land-based casinos in order to get around these laws.

In addition to this, sports betting may be back in the cards in New Jersey as a recent court case versus the Federal Court itself has proved that the ban on sports betting is not constitutional.

What Online Casino Games are Out There?

There are literally hundreds upon hundred of games out there. If we were to shorten the list into categories then it would look like this:

  • Slots
  • Table Games
  • LIVE Dealer Games
  • Arcade
  • Lottery
  • Scratch

Under each one of these categories you can find numerous variations of each of these online casino games. This would include variations of Blackjack; such as, single-deck Blackjack, Triple-Deck Blackjack, and so on. The same goes for Roulette where you will find European Roulette versus US Roulette.

In short, you can play online casino games from almost any country or place in the world. That is with the exception of some states in the USA where it is federal level crime if you are caught. Aside from the USA, online gambling is a viable hobby regardless of your location.  

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