Use Caution with Casino Promotions

Use Caution with Casino Promotions

The online gambling industry is growing by a consistent rate each year, and that has a lot of land-based and online casinos scrambling to grab as much market share as possible.

To gain market share, virtually all casinos are offering special casino promotions to lure new bettors. But, don’t get scammed by an online casino promotion.

Those promotions often include free plays and deposit bonuses, but not all potential visitors are located in areas where online gambling is legal. Many promotions also have hidden restrictions that make them virtually worthless — like requiring you to wager any winnings so many times that it’s impossible to maintain your bankroll.

In the United States, only people located within Nevada or Atlantic City can gamble online without skirting federal and state laws. Yet, legalization efforts are underway in several states, and might occur at the federal level in the coming years.

Meanwhile, millions of bettors in the United States are left playing online casino games for fun, without the chance to risk cash to win money. Yet, many land-based and online casinos still offer promotions that could help you to save money in Las Vegas or at another gambling destination.

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Player Rewards Programs for Free Games

A popular way for land-based and online casinos to lure new players is to via special promotions that can add up to free trips to casinos or free gifts via the mail, among other rewards. When those players live in locales where casino gambling is banned, the casinos often provide free gaming websites, where visitors can play casino games and earn player rewards points.

Some of the world’s best recognized casino brands operate non-gambling websites, as well as gambling websites. The non-gambling websites enable players to enjoy playing their favorite casino games, but without risking or winning cash.

Instead of playing for money, they play for fun and excitement, while accruing player rewards points on their member cards. When they earn enough rewards points, players can redeem them for valuable rewards, including free stays at land-based casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and elsewhere.

Many free websites that offer risk-free casino gaming also have rewards systems in place, so that players can accrue points and choose special gifts and prizes.

Sometimes, those websites partner with land-based and online casinos to offer rewards through them. Others might include partnerships with advertising partners that allow players to earn rewards points and choose from among a variety of free gifts, prizes and rewards.

As more nations and states embrace online gambling, the people now left playing free games for special rewards then can start playing for real money at cash casinos. Many of them will be the same casinos that now offer free games and player rewards.


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