Top superstitions while in the casino

Top superstitions while in the casino


Gambling is a game that involves great skills as well as a good amount of luck. You may have great skills but without lady luck smiling down upon you, it would be very difficult for you to win the games, and even if you win, it may so happen that you earn only peanuts while someone with a better luck takes away the lion’s share of the profits. Naturally, when it comes to gambling, gamblers have a lot of superstitions related to winning and money-making. Let’s get to know some such superstitions that most players across the world believe in while gambling at a casino.

Most common superstitions at a casino

  1. Like most other people, gamblers too believe that 13 isn’t a lucky number while 8 and 7 can surely bring a lot of good luck. Casinos even tend to avoid having a 13th floor so that no bad luck prevails.
  2. Red is often associated with fortune and favorable conditions, irrespective of whether you play traditionally. So, players have a tendency to wear atleast something red while they gamble.
  3. Gamblers believe that counting your money while playing isn’t a good sign as well as sitting cross-legged or cross armed as they can cancel out your luck.
  4. Another common superstition is that wearing charms like troll figurines, rabbit’s foot, etc. while playing can shower you with good luck as well as fortune.
  5. Gamblers prefer to play at the same old table(s) always. According to them, they can win better at the old tables. However, such superstitions do not hold true if you play Gclub คาสิโนออนไลน์
  6. Gamblers prefer putting bets on their lucky numbers can bring better winning luck than betting on different numbers in different games.
  7. Players, especially Chinese ones, also believe that words like ‘book’, etc. shouldn’t be used while playing as they have similar sound to various negative/unlucky words according to the Chinese language.
  8. Unlike normal people, gamblers believe that having a dog by your side while gambling, whether that be at คาสิโนออนไลน์or at a land one can bring you bad luck. A dog is considered to be a big distraction for a gambler and hence, isn’t welcome while gambling.
  9. Moreover, it is a common superstition that $50 notes are unlucky and hence, casino players avoid $50 notes for deposits as well as withdrawals.
  10. Another ridiculous superstition that exists commonly amongst Crap players is related to the player’s virginity. It may be weird and ridiculous but according to beliefs, virgin women and non-virgin men are a good symbol of luck.
  11. Some players also avoid using the main entrance as they believe that the ill-fortune of those leaving the places after loses could affect those entering the building. However, such problems aren’t faced by players atGclub Casino
  12. Players also prefer to continue using the same dice, even if it falls of the table during play rather than using new one. The older dice is believed to be lucky and hence, preferred for further games as well.
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