Tips for Beginner game poker online Indonesia players

Tips for Beginner game poker online Indonesia players

Starting out as an online poker player can be very frustrating. The fact that you don’t have a clue on playing makes you venerable on losing a lot of your hard earned cash. The main aim of online poker games is to win some more cash. First as a beginner you should know game poker online Indonesia has ups and downs. After all a game ends with a winner and the loser. But below aretips to learn more about online poker

Understand the rules and regulations

The first thing to get held off in any game is to learn the rules of the game.Each and every game has its own rules/regulations that govern the game. Learning the rules in any game that you want to play will help you avoid being penalized for breaking the rules. You could lose all your chips for breaking rules.

Be Patient

When starting out to play be patient. Do not expect to win big bucks in your first games. Poker games are a two way road you either win or lose. Most newbie’s will lose hope after losing their first games. Losing is part and parcel with success. Learn from your mistakes to become a good player to win more games. Some day may be of bad luck others will be great. Don’t give up when you lose. Skills are learned through practice.

Be prepared for long games

Some games may take more time than you expect. Be ready to put the hours to participate in a game till the end. Every person in that game is trying to win and will use any tactic in his/her sleeves to win the game.

Know you are your own accountant

Poker games involve you staking your hand earned money. Understand that once you stake your cash there is the risk of losing it. You are the only person who makes decisions for the amount of cash you place in a game.If you deposit $100 dollars in your account try and place bets in tables that range between $1 to $5 dollars. Such that if you lose in one table it won’t be a big drawback on your finances.

Play on smaller sites

Small and middle level site have low turnout in players so starting out in this smaller sites gives you a big chance to win. Smaller sites offer huge bonus on their tables to entice players to play more in their sites. This will work well for you as a beginner as you learn more.

Online poker is a nice way to make cash but it requires time, efforts and finances. Play on fewer tables as you learn more to be able to stake on many tables with many players and higher stakes.


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