The football accumulator bet: What is it, How is played, and advice?

The football accumulator bet: What is it, How is played, and advice?

Watching football is the most important hobby in the world. Well, if not most important, then certainly most widespread. And with hundreds of football matches around the world at any time of year, football is, of course, the most popular sport and by that, it is the most gambled on sport.

This is the reason why football betting is very popular and is always high in demand. There are several types of football bets available at all major online sport books like, and the most common and most played is the football accumulator bet.

What is an accumulator bet?

The football accumulator bet is a single betting ticket on which two or more individual bets are accumulated. In order for the ticket to win, all the wagers need to win together. The largest benefit of an accumulator bet is that the possible payoff is higher than placing individual bets. This is due to simple statistics – the odds of an accumulator bet winning are far lower than the odds of a single bet win.

How is an accumulator bet played?

The player (punter) selects the matches they want and predict the outcome (0-draw, 1-home win, 2 away win) for their selection. There is no limit to matches in one country or one league. Then the player selects the sum they want to stake, the bookie has a specified minimum, and usually no maximum. (Although there is always a maximum win that will be paid).

Many punters usually place this kind of bet on a weekend or during a championship, when there are a lot of matches available. Most punters report that they play an accumulator bet and they usually put in small amounts in order to increase the fun when watching the games.

Another good thing with accumulator bets is that if a game gets cancelled, the accumulator ticket does not loose, but the winnings are calculated without the cancelled match.

Advice for placing and playing an accumulator bet

The minimum limit on an accumulator bet is two (could be four in select betting houses). So keep this in mind when selecting the matches and placing the bet. There is usually no limit to the maximum number of matches, but try to keep it real, and do not play more than seven or eight matches. While the odds of winning are very low, by placing a lower number of matches, you still have an albeit small chance of winning.

Do not fly high and place a large sum on an accumulator bet. The winning is calculated by certain coefficients, and you can get a pretty decent possible win with a reasonable input. And in the case of loosing, at least you will not lose a lot of money.

Avoid placing short-priced favourites. Even the best fail sometimes, and if a team is rated as favourite it is still possible for them to lose a match. It is advisable to avoid these matches especially if they have low offered odds which don’t amount much in the overall outcome.

The professional punters advise backing the strong team that goes against the weaker team. That way the accumulator ticket gets a good chance of winning.

Another advice from pros: tend to play only the major leagues and championships; place four to six matches; know the teams that you are putting on the accumulator bet – this way you’ll have a good chance at placing a winning ticket.

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