The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Online Horse Betting

   The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Online Horse Betting

The enthusiasm of horse betting beginners is only matched by their fear of wasting money because of a lack of know-how. If you are new to this risky business, you don’t have to settle for waiting until you get the grip of it; you can make your betting successful right from the start if you keep in mind the top tips of winners:

  1. This is how you place a wager

It’s nothing complicated – just pick the racetrack name, select the race number, then the dollar unit for the bet, plus the type of wager you’re going for (one horse only or several). Then, indicate the number of the chosen horse or the numbers, if you’ve selected more than one.

  1. The importance of statistics and data

You may hear of people digging up data and calculating odds based on past races of many, many years ago. Such details should be of no interest. Your only concern should be the horses participating in the races you’re interested in. After all, these are beings, not machines. Thus, anything may happen and your calculations are useless. Horse race betting online is simple and straightforward and you don’t need any more information than what’s on your chosen bookmaker website. Also, current gossip or “inside news” may not be exactly reliable.

  1. Choose your races

It is common behaviour for new users to bet on every race they see. Instead, you should focus on those races you have some information on or feel predictable to you. If you learn how to be selective, you become successful. Experts say you should go for horse races with a small top tier – meaning with one or maximum two top horses.

  1. Fewer races, bigger bets

Newcomers are usually too afraid to make big bets and opt for small ones, at the same time wasting money on a too large selection of races. Bettors are better off when they make an inspired race choice and save money to place a significant bet. It could be one of the more exotic types.

  1. Evaluate the horse’s current ability

How a certain horse performed in the past has no relevance to the present-day race. Horse performance is a changing matter, which is why you should always focus on a horse’s current condition, not on its past achievements. Never compare the histories of two horses – only the latest results. Check the quality of their recent workouts.

  1. Understand the difference between dirt and turf

A race horse is good either on dirt or on turf, never on both. We’re not going to get into the reasons. Some horses simply do not like a turf course and prefer the dirt one. It’s a matter of breeding and training. Horses that run well on turf will not be too good on the fast track. In addition, you must pay attention to the weather/level of moisture and see how each horse performs in the given conditions.

  1. The horse is more important than the jockey

Racing history reveals the following pattern: a great jockey on a bad horse will never make it to the board. However, a mediocre jockey, when given a top tier horse, has a solid chance at winning.

Once you’ve learned which factors to take into account and compare, you can start predicting results and making smart bets.

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