Stop Playing as a Singleton and Start Multi-Betting

Stop Playing as a Singleton and Start Multi-Betting

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Online casino technology has opened the doors to a variety of options and innovations over the last 15 years. From extra ways to earn money to mobile casino gaming options that allow you to ante up anytime, anywhere, the industry has virtually transformed the way we play.

For roulette players, one of the most interesting options in recent years has been the increase in online variants. Although the game has undergone a number of iterations since it was first invented in 1655 by Blaise Pascal, roulette has changed most dramatically within the last decade. Thanks to the creativity of iGaming software developers, players can now enjoy the game in more ways than ever before.

In fact, players can literally play in more ways thanks to the advent of multi-wheel roulette games. Unlike a live casino where space is at a premium, online casinos can cram a host of roulette wheels into a single pop-up window and, in the process, create a more action-packed gaming experience.

Multiple Moves Make for a Better Experience

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So how does multi-wheel roulette actually work? In general, the game operates in the same way a traditional single wheel variant would. As described by the info section attached to the bgo online roulette lobby, standard games offer payouts ranging from 35-1 “down to the even chance bets on the outside”. On top of this, roulette wheels with a single zero offer a greater chance of a return thanks to a house edge of 2.7% compared to 5.26% on a double zero wheel.

However, what’s different about multi-wheel roulette is that you have the option to bet on more than one wheel with a single bet. At bgo, the multi-wheel roulette game allows you to choose between one and six wheels. By clicking on a wheel you have the choice to activate or deactivate it according to your playing preferences.

Now, with everything else being equal, the question becomes: is it worth playing these new games? Would you be better off sticking to a standard European mobile roulette wheel like the one offered by GoWin? Maybe CasinoEuro’s Immersive Live roulette with its auto-zoom camera angles is a better way to play?

Naturally, the way you sway will be down to personal preference in some instances. However, if you’re looking at it from a strategic angle, the logic would suggest that a bgo multi-wheel roulette game offers more value than a standard wheel offered at a site like Go Win. Why? Well, it comes down to variance. Whenever you make a move in the betting world, it has an expectation or, technically, an expected value. As a player, you need to make more moves with a positive expectation than a negative expectation to make a profit.

Positive Moves Aren’t Always Positive

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However, it’s not always the case that a positive move will yield a positive result. Because most moves are never 100% certain to earn you a profit, there is always a chance you can lose. These movements towards and away from an expected norm (result) is variance in action. Now, the way to overcome variance in the iGaming world is to play. In simple terms, the theory suggests that in order to move closer to the mean (i.e. the positive result you expect) you have to run through as many trials as possible.

So, if it’s right to bet on two columns during a single spin (a move that covers 66% of the board) then you should do this as much as possible so that your results even out and, eventually, realize this positive expectation.

What’s the best way to play more? Multitask. In the battle to race through more spins, multi-wheel roulette is perfect. Although the number of wheels you activate will increase your bet by the same number, you’ll also be increasing your spin rate.

This, in turn, should help you overcome negative variance in a shorter space of time and, theoretically, reach a positive result. As we know, not every innovation can be successful. However, when it comes to betting, any game that allows you to do more in a shorter space of time should be seen as a winner.

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