Royal Dynasty With Amazing Forms Of Bonuses

Royal Dynasty With Amazing Forms Of Bonuses

Want to enjoy a slot game, known for its royal working capability? If so, then Royal Dynasty is the one, which you need to be aware of. You are likely to be pampered with the five treasurers of riches, associated with the Hochadels. In case, you have the kings by your side, then you can be sure that half of your work is over. And there are two throne sequences, which are likely to open door for some royal prizes, as well.

Get a glimpse of it:

Everyone wants to be a part of this royal family, but not all has the liberty to get it. Therefore, it is proven to be quite an unfortunate issue. But, now, just to get a glimpse of this royal service, you do not have to go anywhere else.With the promising help from Novomatic, a reputable Royal Dynasty has been created with so many interesting prizes and features.

This game comprises of twenty pay lines, along with five reels. And this slot game is free of cost, and would work wonder just to make you feel special in every manner possible. And there are some attractive forms of payouts available too, while you are planning to play a free round of Royal Dynasty.

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Decorated with catchy symbols:

Just to make Royal Dynasty even more amazing, it comprises of some of the catchiest symbols, like lion sculpture, falcon, and even golden coins. And it further comprises of a shield, which come handy with special symbol like King, Prince and princess.

You are always welcome to check out the pay table, for checking out the play mode. You need to look for Wild, used for creating some winning combinations. And these are termed to be quite suitable for some other symbols, and apart from scatters. Scatters are likely to pay while arriving at any part of the reel. And these are considered to be the most interesting part of this game. And you can get 50,000 coins, when you are playing with maximum bet now.

Learn about the bonuses:

A minimum number of three princesses or princes are likely to win a random number of 25, 30, 35, 45 or 40, as the basic example. And these example numbers are determined strongly. You need to wait until the wheel stops. And you can even manually stop the wheel, by pressing on the “Start” button.

And the logo of this Royal Dynasty will be able to highlight, whether these bonuses are triggered or not, by the princess or prince. This signal is then transformed into a King, which is the game joker. And if this triggered symbol repeat itself for three times or more, then you have the chance to win some added bonus rounds.

Select the perfect amount:

Just after you have entered this gaming platform, it is mandatory for you to check on the amount, you are willing to bet over here. And for selecting that amount, you need to select the + or _ sign. And if you want to rely on the software, then you have to click the “auto start” button.

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