Play Online Roulette for Fun and Profit

Play Online Roulette for Fun and Profit


Enjoy a Low House Advantage

Roulette is one of the oldest table games in existence and one of the easiest to learn. A wheel spins in one direction, while a marble rolls in another, until each slows enough for the marble to fall onto a space. If you bet on the number or color, you win.

The bets range from very simple either-or propositions from which you might double your money. Those propositions are when you choose between black or red, odd or even, or high or low numbers to win. If you bet the right way, you double your money.

Or you can try for longer odds and bigger wins. Those include betting on whether the marble will land on one of three columns, each containing a dozen numbers. That pays off at 2:1.

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You also can bet one of two or four numbers hit, or other number combinations for odds that pay off as high as 6:1. Among the longest odds are betting a specific number, which typically pay 36:1.

Parlay bets also can be laid, such as betting an odd or even number will hit, plus high or low or a red or black.

Roulette Comes in Many Varieties

Online roulette offers several great options, with European roulette being your best bet. That’s because European roulette provides the lowest house advantage at only 2.7 percent.

By comparison, American roulette, which is played in most casinos in Las Vegas, has a house advantage of 5.26 percent, when you lay an even odds bet.

The primary difference is, American roulette has a 0 and 00 space, each on a corresponding green space. European roulette only has a 0 on a green space. That makes one less space for you to take an automatic loss.

When you play roulette online, you always want to look for European roulette games, for the best chance to grow your bankroll.

Free Plays and Bonuses for Real Money

You also can use special incentives to play roulette and possibly win cash. Many casinos will give you either a free play, on which you must lay an even-odds wager. Or, you might get a deposit bonus, which multiplies the amount of cash you deposit into a gaming account.

A bonus multiplier often is several times more than your initial deposit, and you usually can withdraw at least some of your winnings right away. That makes it easier for you to practice basic and advanced roulette playing strategies, and potentially win a lot of cash.


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