How Do ‘No Deposit’ Bonuses in Online Casinos Work?

How Do ‘No Deposit’ Bonuses in Online Casinos Work?

Nowadays the bonuses that are available in online casinos come in many different flavors, but one of the most attractive forms that you’ll encounter will definitely be ‘no deposit’ bonuses. Essentially these bonuses seem to be pretty much ‘free cash’, as they are bonuses that you can obtain without having to make a deposit into the online casino.

Although at first glance it may seem as though online casinos that offer ‘no deposit’ bonuses are just giving cash away – that isn’t exactly true. While it varies somewhat from casino to casino, generally all these types of bonuses tend to have strict conditions attached to them.

The conditions that apply to ‘no deposit’ bonuses are intended to ensure that players don’t just take advantage of the bonus and immediately cash it out (along with any profits they may have made). To do that, casinos often employ a ‘wager requirement’ that measures how much of the bonus has been wagered and lets you cash out accordingly.

Typically this wager requirement is a multiple of the bonus in question. For example, for a ‘no deposit’ bonus of $10, the wager requirement might be 50x (i.e. $500). That would mean that you’d have to stake $500 worth of bets before you’re able to withdraw the bonus and your winnings. For some games that tend to have larger stakes such as roulette or certain types of poker, only a fraction of the bet is counted towards the wager requirement.

It is worth noting that these wager requirements often apply to other bonuses as well, including those that require a deposit. That being said because ‘no deposit’ bonuses don’t require a deposit, the multiplier for the wager requirement tends to be much higher than with other types of bonuses.

Needless to say with a high wager requirement, on average most players will end up losing most of the free bonus as they play. That being said it is still worth taking advantage of these bonuses at ultimate slots or any other online casino – as they’ll essentially let you play for free.

All said and done despite the conditions that come with these bonuses, they are still a nice offer. While your chances of being able to ‘profit’ from them at Ag Gaming or other online casinos are slim, there is no harm in taking full advantage of them regardless.

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