Horse Racing Betting Explained

Horse Racing Betting Explained

There’s a great array of betting options for horse racing events available online, and these offer you a way to add an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling sporting event.  You can start with the more simple, straightforward bets and when you’re ready, you can opt for the more exotic wagers that have a bigger risk, and an even better return!

Straightforward, Simple Betting Options

The Win bet, on which punters will be wagering on the horse they feel is most likely to come in first, is a favourite, as it provides a very easy-to-understand format and, depending on which animal is chosen for the bet, potentially very substantial returns.Image result for Horse Racing Betting Explained

Place bets will have punters selecting which horse will finish in which position for the race, and the options for this wager will depend on the total amount of runners that are taking part. Races with:

  • 5 runners or less will not have place betting options available
  • 6 – 7 runners will offer punters the chance to predict the horses which will take first and second place
  • 8 – 15 runners will add the third-place option to the range of wagers provided
  • 16+ runners will have first, second, third, and fourth position Place bet options available for punters to take advantage of.

This type of horse racing betting is ideal for beginners, but is also a favourite of those with more experience, as it’s so straightforward.

Combination Bet Options

The Eachway bet is a combination of the Win and Place wagers, and punters will be able to collect the payouts for these if the horse that has been bet on finishes in the first position. If the horse finishes in the second or third positions, with the number of Place bet payouts depending on the number of runners taking part in the race, the punter will be able to get a payout for just the Place bet , and the stake for each of these two wagers is always the same.  

The All to Come bet offers the chance to make a big return for a small investment, enabling Win or Place bets on horses taking part in different races at the same meeting, joining these into one Accumulative bet.

A Swinger bet has punters picking 2 horses taking part in a race, and coupling them. Bettors will win if the 2 horses chosen are able to fill 2 of the first 3 positions when the race has ended, and there are 3 possible winning combinations for this bet:

  1. First and second place, or second and first
  2. First and third place, or third and first
  3. Second and third place, or third and second

Getting Started with Horse Racing Bets Online

There is a plethora of choice available as far as online horse racing betting is concerned. Your best bet is to find the most generous offers and competitive odds, make use of a comparison sites which will compare these, detail the information you require in an easy-to-read format, and provide you with ratings and reviews as to which the best bookmaker for your particular needs is. These comparison sites are able to save you time, and hopefully win more money, and take the legwork out of deciding where to start placing your wagers!

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