A Guide to Matched Betting

What is Matched Betting?

First off, let’s clear up one misnomer, matched betting is neither a scam nor is it illegal!

Iforbet is a cleverly calculated risk-free way to make profit from online gaming. Bets are placed based upon a mathematical calculation with little reliance upon the usual elements of chance, hunches or so called ‘reliable’ insider information.

The majority of matched bets are placed on sporting events.

How can betting be risk free?

It does sound rather like a contradiction, but, as I’ve stated, this is not so much about gambling it’s really more of a mathematical strategy whereby you place bets that cover all outcomes; you simply cannot loose.Image result for A Guide to Matched Betting

Still not convinced?

The secret lies in taking advantage of ‘free bets’ and, possibly, other promotions that bookies frequently employ to entice their punters. A free bet, under any circumstances, sounds like a no brainer; but what are the odds that your free bet will make a profit?

Don’t just gamble away your free bets, make them part of a matched betting plan, free bets are integral to a guaranteed profitable outcome.

It’ll take ages to trawl through all the sites looking for free bets!

Actually this is not the case; visit the ingenious YESBETS website which are one of the best matched betting sites, they will find the deals you want, and not only that, they’ll show you exactly how to start up a lucrative, safe, gambling strategy.

That’s all very well, what happens when there are no free bets?

Well, believe it or not, this hasn’t happened and is unlikely ever to happen. Offering free bets is an essential marketing ploy used by virtually all online betting companies; you’ll never, ever, be starved of freebies.

How many bets on one event must I make?

To cover all bases, and to guarantee a win, you need only place two bets! The result of the event is irrelevant, you win every time!

In simple terms; you cover all odds by placing a ‘back-bet’, backing, for example a particular horse to win; you the cover this bet by subsequently placing a lay-bet, backing that horse NOT to win. Your bets cover all possible outcomes, you win again!

  • In all fairness, for greater clarification, it’s best to visit the YESBETS  website; you’ll find it very informative, easy to navigate and you’ll have access to a thriving community of experienced, informed, matched betting traders.

In conclusion

Matched betting is a simple, fool proof and proven way to make money. It shouldn’t really be described as gambling, with any form of gambling comes risk, matched betting is risk-free.

It all just seem too good to be true, well, it is. All it takes is an understanding of the betting options and access to free bets.

YESBETS will set you right, they’ll have you up and running (excuse the pun) within minutes! They have the knowledge, experience and a huge swell of testimonials from successful traders.

Register with YESBETS now, you have everything to win.

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